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Just Cause 2 hack: tie everything together, everywhere
April 30, 2010: A brave new vision of an elasticated world.
Side-splitting Heavy Rain ninja glitch
February 25, 2010: Hai!
How to beat Mass Effect in time for the sequel
January 26, 2010: Still not experienced Shepard's last adventure? Power-play the sucker with the aid of the following devilish exploits.
Final Fantasy XIII bugs: the infinite jump loop
January 5, 2010: "Their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs..."
Unreal Engine 2 mod Out of Hell hits web
November 6, 2009: One-man attic coding endeavor puts majority of big budget shooters to shame.
Cheat Sheet: Issue #1
November 5, 2009: First of our regular code overloads.
Doom II gets fan-crafted Skull Tag expansion
November 3, 2009: Old dogs, new tricks, no price tag.
Demon’s Souls item cheat (needs two players)
October 27, 2009: Inventory running low? Phone a friend.
Left 4 Dead gets Tellytubby zombies
October 22, 2009: Time for Tubby bye-bye.
Dark Mod turns Doom 3 into Thief, sort of
October 19, 2009: Out with Martian demons, in with eerie clocktowers.
Uncharted 2 gravity glitch
October 17, 2009: Picky treasure hunters refuse to let Naughty Dogs lie.
Stylishly pointless Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 exploit
October 5, 2009: The boot's on the other foot.
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 costume blow-out
October 5, 2009: Wall-run, combo strike, ninpo, accessorise.
Halo 3: ODST Achievements
September 29, 2009: Getting the juice out of Bungie's not-really-an-expansion-pack.
Need for Speed: Shift Achievements
September 21, 2009: Achievement Points are why God invented the Pagani Zonda.



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